Starting college is considered to be a new chapter in people’s lives. The freedom that comes with studying in a university; the sense of responsibility; and of course the challenges associated with making it out there on your own. College life is exhilarating, liberating – and intimidating.

One important aspect that college students take great pleasure in choosing is their accommodating during the years of education. Housing options for college students come in many different forms, prices and levels of freedom.

What Housing Option Is Best For Me?

For a freshman, just starting college, this question is very important. The popular option for freshmen or people who have moved from another city to attend college is;

The Dorm Room on the College Campus

The reason for its immense popularity amongst new students is largely due to the convenience living in the dorm room of the campus offers. Apart from dorm rooms, college students can also choose from housing options that are affiliated or operated by the campus in the city. Often such accommodations are expensive but come with a prepared meal plan as well as security. However, there are apparent downsides to on-campus living.

For one, it is more expensive. Then, you will have to bid adieu to privacy. Finally, it also gives you some breathing space. So when the pressure is bearing down on you, you have a place that is away from college! This is the reason why more and more students today opt for off-campus options.

Off-Campus Apartments/Home Rentals

This is the route many college students take after familiarizing themselves with the campus, the town and everything else. Students usually change their housing after completing the first year of college as living in campus dorms means too many rules and regulations that have to be followed. Since affordable housing is pretty hard to come by, the obvious solution is for 2 or 3 college friends to come together and rent an apartment near their university. Students who don’t know anybody or aren’t comfortable in living with strangers can avail roommate matching services that residencies catering to college students offer, such as Oakbrook Walk. The gated community situated at Gainesville, Florida offers students the convenience of fully furnished two bedroom apartments as well!

If we compare the two housing options, the one that comes out on top is definitely the off-campus apartment rental due to the affordability factor. Just be prepared to make your own food (or just order in take-out every night)!