Attending college in another city is as daunting a prospect as it is exciting. Not only will you get the chance to explore a new city but forge friendships from all over the country! To make the entire experience better and from the start, you must look into the affordable housing and accommodation options available to you and land an apartment that is ideally close to your campus.

Take help from these tips on finding and renting an apartment near University of Florida’s campus shared by Oakbrook Walk Residency.

Start Your Search Early

It’s convenient for students to move into an apartment that’s close to their university; therefore you’ll have to remember that you won’t be the only one looking for a 2 bedroom apartment close to the University of Florida. The best time to start your search for the ideal and affordable apartment near campus is well before the beginning of the semester. This will lend plenty of time to not only look around but also find the best apartment that’s within your budget and other needs.

Make a Checklist

This should be done before you set out to view the available accommodation options. Make a detailed list and include everything that you’re looking for. Important questions to include in the checklist are; whether or not the apartment has working plumbing/electric, are the appliances in working condition, how near to the campus is the apartment situated at, what are the facilities and amenities offered etc.

Found The Apartment? Be Ready to Leave a Deposit

Since you’ll have to contend with competition throughout the search, leaving a deposit once you’ve found the ideal apartment is the sensible thing to do. Most landlords that rent to college students require a co-signer to put their name on the lease application (usually a parent, guardian or family friend). This person should be willing to take responsibility if rent hasn’t been paid by the student; this rule, however, varies. Click here to find out what procedure Oakbrook Walk follows.

Don’t Forget To Read the Entire Lease

You shouldn’t sign any application before reading the document thoroughly. The same goes for the renting lease of your new apartment! Make sure to go through the entire application carefully before agreeing to commit to the conditions stated. By doing so, you’ll know the terms and conditions set by the landlord (such as no pets rule) that you’ll have to follow. Other items of importance include the issue of rent, security deposit amount, penalties for late rent and who to contact in case of maintenance issues.

You should also request a final walk through of the entire complex and apartment before signing the lease. You want to know exactly what you’re getting and whether it matches your requirements and budget. Oakbrook Walk Residency for the convenience of its potential tenants offers a 360 degree virtual tour of the apartment complex by which a complete walkthrough is possible.