For people living in 2 bedroom rental apartments, the benefits of living in a rental by far outnumbers that of owning an apartment. Have a leaking faucet? Call in the on-site maintenance staff. Stove not functioning appropriately? Let the on-site maintenance team know.

But other than that, why is renting an apartment much more beneficial than owning it? And is it really better for a college student to rent an apartment as opposed to owning it?

Following are the arguments we have in favor of renting an apartment against owning one.

Outsourced Home Maintenance

Many rental agreements state that maintenance of the property (both interior and exterior) is the landlord’s or management’s responsibility. This means you’re entitled to their on-site maintenance and management services anytime during the 24 hour period (in case of emergency). Independent maintenance of a property chews up the budget because there’s no knowing when an emergency issue might sprout up in the case of owning a home.

Wide Range of Community Amenities

Gated communities such as Oakbrook Walk offer a wide range of amenities that tenants can make use of such as 24 hour emergency management and maintenance services, on-site security patrol, 2 resort styled lounge pools, and spacious sun decks for relaxing, free roommate matching (for college students) and individual room leases. Plus, the walking distance to the Shands Medical Center and UF campus is another benefit for tenants.

More Flexibility and Convenience

Renting an apartment in a gated community such as Oakbrook Walk provides tenants the flexibility and convenience that can only be awarded by renting.  Furthermore, it allows you to experience a new location or lifestyle without having yourself confined to the place. This means that people who rent an apartment have no obligation to stay put at a place they don’t like or want to.

How to Decide Which Is Better

The decision of renting a 2 bedroom fully furnished apartment as opposed to buying the property is a fairly an easy one to make. Of course this largely depends on a number of things (house and rent prices in the chosen area, mortgage rate you’ll qualify for and the type of property you wish to live in). In addition you’ll have to;

  • Work out the cost that’ll come with renting
  • Work out the cost of buying the same property
  • Calculate your savings and monthly payments
  • Don’t forget to add in the extra expenses!

Owning and maintaining a home or even apartment isn’t a plausible option anymore, what with the fantastic and affordable rental options that can be taken advantage of by college students and workers alike. Get in touch with Oakbrook Walk to learn about our easy and reliable apartment leasing process.