You have finally made it to your dream college. As an international student in foreign land, your journey ahead will be full of surprises and exhilaration. Studying abroad is a life changing experience filled with mixed emotions. But, along with all the many benefits of studying abroad, there is a downside as well. It is quite common for international students to feel homesick for being away from their home for too long Having said that, there are some ways for international students to make their dorms feel more like home. Read on to discover the most pragmatic solutions for making your college dorm room as comfortable as your residence:

Photos and frames

Put up pictures of your friends and family in your dorm room. Use your creativity to make a collage, which you can put up on the wall. Similarly, you can place pictures of your loved ones in frames. Place these frames on your study table or a book shelf to connect with your loved ones whenever you miss them.


As per research, lighting has an impact on our mood. Dorm lighting is typically dim florescent light. Instead of dim desk lamps, invest in at least two sources of light. You can buy high quality floor lamps, exquisitely designed pendant lamps or light weight chandeliers.


When it comes to seating., always opt for comfort. Buy floor cushions, bean bags, rugs, poufs or comfortable sofas. But, make sure you don’t bring anything that is too big for your room.  As a general rule of thumb, stack them in the corner of the room so that they don’t take a lot of space.


Mirrors can give the illusion of space to any room. Thus, make use of mirrors wisely. Put them up in strategic places to make your dorm room seem bigger.


Put up high quality curtains in your room. Better yet, you can take curtains from home to your dorm room. Choose a print that showcases your personality.

Personal mementos

Dont forget to bring to your dorm personal mementos from home. That is the closest thing to home. Small items, such as candles from your everyday life at home can provide comfort in your new surroundings.

Organizational tools

Use multiple purpose organizational tools. For example, you can use a magazine holder to store toiletries. Not only are such tools affordable, they will also help you save space.

Message board

Install a message board on your door. Decorate it with photos or let your friends leave you messages of encouragement

These are some simple tips to help you make your move away from home easier. For more information related to student housing, click here.