Living with roommates may seem a bit challenging; but it sure takes the bite out of the high rental payments that you’d otherwise be paying.

In fact, college students who choose off-campus housing options prefer living with a roommate simply because of the high cost of independent living.  

Taking the help of roommate matching services, (like the one offered by Oakbrook Walk for free) will solve the dilemma of searching for a compatible roommate; but be aware! Nothing kills the roomie romance faster than 2 angry birds arguing about finances or the month’s rent. Following are some tips that you can apply to cut the cost and save money, while living in a shared apartment.

Split Your Video Streaming

It’s a way better idea to split the monthly bill to your Netflix account subscription in half with your roommate rather than pay the entire amount. After all, your roommate must also be using this service and if not, it’s a good idea to provide access after stating the payment arrangement. Watch the same shows at the same time! This will also save money which can be used to buy snacks for your binge-watching or whatever really.

Share Everyday (Including Food) Items

There’s absolutely no need to fight over who’s in charge of buying the milk or who is paying more for a certain food item. Sit and start a fund for ‘common food expenses’ along with the accompanying list of staple food items you don’t have any objection in sharing with your roommate. Every week, you and the roommate can set aside $10/person and then go shopping. You’ll be surprised at the money leftover at the end of every month.

Cook for Each Other

Cooking at home is usually a big money saver, but not when you’re cooking just for one person. It can become much more costly; you’ll be buying food items in their normal packaging, but will end up using only half every month (so much will go to waste as well!). To save money and prevent food from spoilage, double the recipe and share the meal with your roommate.

Another way in which you can save money while living in a shared apartment is by moving to an affordable housing option like Oakbrook Walk. For college students especially, the fully furnished and 2 bedroom apartments are an ideal solution. It will lower their dependency on public transport (the UF Campus is within walking distance). To know more about our leasing policy, contact Oakbrook Walk today.