Moving to a new city for attending college is both an exhilarating and daunting experience, if we think about it. Exhilarating because you’ll have the chance to explore a new city and meet new people; however, finding a place to live, especially with house prices skyrocketing in America. It’s said that utilities and rent shouldn’t be above 30% of an individual’s income; yet, not only is this percentage growing higher, college students in particular are also suffering the brunt of this. This is probably why more students prefer to live and rent accommodations with roommates as the shared rent will lower costs down.

As a college student, you’ll look for a roommate who’ll not only pay half of the rent but also offer companionship and security which is why thorough deliberation is needed when looking for the best roommate to crash with. There are numerous traditional ways that can be used to find the roommate that fits; such as the use of social media and the extensive network college students have at their disposal. While you’re at it, also feel free to check out Oakbrook Walk Residency’s roommate matching service to find the lodging option.

Meanwhile, here are some tips to get you started on your roommate hunting!

Sound the Bells!

Although some apartment complexes like Oakbrook Walk Residency offer roommate matching services to their tenants, you can take a more personal approach when looking for one. Social media is the same as a huge bulletin board and by posting classified ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’ll increase your chances of finding a roommate. Inform everyone which city you’re moving to and wait for the messages to start rolling in!

Get Repetitive

This tactic will work only if your social circle (how many people you meet every day) is a large one. Just think, even mentioning the search to the people you meet every day will land so many prospects! Yes, bringing your roommate woes in every conversation can become repetitive and annoying as well but this will ultimately lead you to a possible candidate. Of course, then comes the dreaded part i.e. the interview.

Stranger Danger: Be Wary

Are you fully aware of the risks that come with looking for a roommate through social media or another such avenue? Make sure to take the necessary steps that’ll help make sure whether any candidate is suitable or not. Let’s say, you’re looking for an apartment for rent in Gainesville, FL. Security is the biggest concern that you’ll have to address. Secondary concerns are whether your personalities and expectations with the roommate agreement match or not.

Finding someone to co-exist with doesn’t have to be a tedious and stressful task though. With the help of Oakbrook Walk’s roommate matching service, college students can easily find the ideal roommate to live with!