Starting your first year in college or a returning senior, like every other student, you’re facing the inevitable question: to live on campus or off?

Students Living Off-Campus in the Majority

About 77% of students studying in the University of Florida campus have chosen to live off-campus as opposed to only 23% who opted to live in college owned, affiliated or operating housing. Why is there such a stark difference between the numbers? Students have their own reasons; the primary being of a financial nature. Others state the freedom from restrictions set by dorm life was the reason why they chose to live on their own.

While some might seem content with an on-campus option, others may prefer getting off; of course that has to do with the many benefits that off-campus living has to offer!

Appealing Perks Living Off-Campus Include

The perks of living off-campus depend largely on the residency or rental accommodation that students choose to stay in. Oakbrook Walk, for example, offers convenience to students (the gated community is only a short walk away from the University of Florida campus), a roommate matching service and a fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment. The prime location, right at the heart of Gainesville, Florida provides access to a number of restaurants, shops and coffeehouses for recreation purposes as well.  Other perks include;


Living in the campus operated dorms means that you’ll have to follow a set of rules and regulations that are confining. These rules while placed for the safety of students (curfew at 10), strip away their independence and result in students acting out. Living off-campus however means students don’t have to follow any rules, also instilling a sense of responsibility.


This is by far the most wanted perk of living off-campus that students don’t have when living in their campus dorms. There are different types of housing accommodations which means students can have their own private sanctuary, even if they live in a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate. The extra space also means friends can come over and you won’t have to look for a quiet place to study or do your own thing.

Living in dorms or accommodations operated by the campus does provide structure; but the price tag doesn’t sit well with students, especially foreigners or those new to the city. This being said, Oakbrook Walk Residency is an excellent choice for students thinking of moving out of their dorms or just starting college. Get in touch and learn how you can lease a 2 bedroom, fully furnished apartment before the semester starts.