You must have surely heard the phrase ‘starving student’. Well, it didn’t come from nowhere and no-one other than you, a college student, understands this better. The minute they move out of their homes, they need to deal with a plethora of financial responsibilities; from college tuition, daily expenses to room rent.

In fact, nearly 60% of college students borrow money to cover costs, other than their tuition. And even though more students have started taking the full burden of their college studies, the ‘perpetually broke’ stereotype doesn’t go away.

Following are some really helpful tips for college students on how they can save up and make it through their semester.

Make a Budget, Check It Twice and Stick To It!

Having just a basic idea of your monthly expenditures will help a lot in the long run. You’ll find where unnecessary expenses need to be shaved, learn what can be saved every month (after keeping in account unexpected expenses as well). Students get their first exposure to financial responsibility and upkeep while in college and following this process can become to be the most fundamental lesson.

Find an Affordable Apartment and Move In With a Friend

Florida provides numerous off-campus and affordable housing options that can prove to be the ideal solution for college students. And since it’s far cheaper to live with a roommate than alone, try to find a fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment that’s close to the campus. Oakbrook Walk Residency is such an option, as the gated community is within a short distance to the University of Florida and offers students the convenience of a fully furnished apartment with dorm styled rooms. In addition, the residency also offers a roommate matching service.

Make Full Use of the Long Summer

There’re so many ways of utilizing the long summer holidays that college students are awarded with. You can either sign up for summer school, community college classes, internships, AP and CLEP exams etc. Who in their right minds would forego much deserved summer holidays for more study, you ask? The students who wish to graduate in three years rather than the standard four (sometimes more), that is who.

Access Student Discounts to Your Heart’s Content

Discounts are the obvious advantage of college student IDs. In fact, many students (who can still pass for 21) make use of their ID cards and get awarded with discounts on movie tickets to computers! The plastic cards are really advantageous when it comes to traveling so be sure to check out the discounts available for Amtrak, Greyhound and STA Travel.

If they adopt some frugal habits, college students can easily breeze through their semester without having to experience the sting of an empty pocket. Oakbrook Walk has come up with the solution of affordable housing. Take a 360 degree virtual tour of the gated community and see for yourself what we have to offer!

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