People never consider a rented property as their permanent home. Usually, they don’t give much attention to its maintenance or up gradation. On the contrary, those who do are often conflicted because they do not want to upset the landlord.  

While we understand you are living in a rented property on a temporary basis, it is critical to make some changes in your rented property. Here are some things that every property renter should do:

Paint the property

Get your rented apartment or home painted, especially if it needs a paint job. While a vast majority of renters considers painting as a huge hassle, its significance cannot be undermined. If you want to save some bucks, you can paint your home or apartment by yourself. The results are truly amazing, and worth the time and effort. You can also ask your friends to tag along to expedite the job.

Enormous wall hangings

You can place heavy artwork on the walls. Simply patch the holes it leaves behind. Similarly, you can paint over the surface with a coordinating color.

Upgrade your kitchen cabinets

Upgrade your kitchen’s cabinet doors by painting them. However, make sure to inform your landlord about it. If you want to  make some space, remove the cabinet doors to make way for open storage.

Fix your bathroom

Repair your bathroom to upgrade its look. Make sure to all update all fixtures, including shower heads, faucets, toilet paper holder and towel racks.  Use fancy fixtures for a customized look.

Build shelves

Build shelves for your rental property. You can build your own customized shelf with pipes. The best thing about this type of shelf is that it won’t cause much damage to your rented property. At the same time, add shelves to your closets for expanding storage space.

Install extra lighting

The overall ambience of any space can improve with the right lighting. This means that the lighting should be neither too dark nor dim. Add some extra sources of light to your place. You can place a few lamps to add warmth and light to your place.

Replace ceiling shades

Replace the ceiling shades to upgrade your apartment or home. Buy new shades that complement the décor of your property. A new shade is not just visually appealing, but it also distributes light in the right places.

With a little organization and planning, you can execute these simple, cost-effective up gradations to give your rented property a new appearance. For more information on rented properties, click here. We offer fully furnished apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL.